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Yellowstone River

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I was so sure I had already posted this one. But today I was searching through my gallery to find some photos for a project I’m working on, and it was nowhere to be found. Overall my photos in Yellowstone were mostly a disappointment to me. I just didn’t have enough time, and I wasn’t […]

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Heading Home

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Granville Island is a great place to spend an afternoon, but eventually we all have to head home. I think that’s what this guy is doing.

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A Very Complementary Window

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I like taking pictures of windows. I also like complementary colours. That’s because of science. Art and science work together. Isn’t that neat?

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I am paralyzed. No, I’m not in a wheel chair. Yes, I still have two legs, and they work. Arms work too. Oh sure, chemotherapy took its toll. I don’t quite have the stamina I used too. And I am cursed with nerve damage and mysterious pains. But by and large, my body still works. […]

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View from the Peak of Mount Cheam

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This is the view when you get to the top of Mount Cheam. They put it there to remind you how far you have to walk to get down to the bottom. Kind of mean, if you ask me.