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Detour in Downtown Vancouver

Time for another photo post.

I decided to go looking through the archives again and I found this one of some traffic cones set up to block a street in downtown Vancouver.

It’s an older photo of fairly mundane subject matter, but I am very pleased with the composition.

Detour in Downtown Vancouver

Detour in Downtown Vancouver



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    • Hello!

      I didn’t realize you were also a photographer. I just checked out your photo blog, some really nice shots!

      Where are you from, Kristi?

      Funny Vancouver should remind you of Montreal as they are quite different in a lot of ways, but I suppose it is true that both have buildings of this style :)

      • Thanks! I’m from AZ – took a little vacation and toured Toronto and Montreal. Unfortunately it was before I was into photography, so now I’ll have to revisit with my camera & tripod to see what I can see! :)

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