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More Sample Images for the Lucy Starkiller Photoshop Action/Paint Shop Pro Script

The following are sample images created using the Lucy Starkiller Effect. It is available as Photoshop Action and a script for Paint Shop Pro. You can view the product page and download it here.

Click the images to view full size.






Click here to learn more about Lucy Starkiller and to download your copy today.



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  • Thanks for such a wonderful post! I am really surprised…just look at those images…they look amazing indeed…and I think I will have to upgrade my age old photoshop to the latest version now in order to be able to make the most of this wonderful plugin. Thanks a ton Jonathon! Bookmarked…

  • It has not been tested, but I would not expect it to. There are ways of getting actions to run in Photoshop Elements, however they are workarounds, and I can make no garentee that Lucy Starkiller will work properly even if it did run.

    Lucy Starkiller is garenteed to work only in Photoshop CS3 or later, or in Paint Shop Pro X2 and later.

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