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Deep Green Sea

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It’s hard for me to imagine not living near the ocean. I have grown up near the deep blue sea, it’s something very familiar to me. Every time I have ever considered moving away from the coast I feel vaguely uneasy about being landlocked. I love the deep blue sea….

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Seafaring Vagabond

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I am always fascinated by backpackers, especially when they are travelling alone. I always wonder where they are going and where they have been. More than that, I wonder why they are travelling? And then there’s the part of me that wishes I was them.

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Coming Out Of the Closet

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A note: To get the most from this article, you really need to click the links and watch the video. I know that takes up time, but honestly, if you’re reading this already, you probably have nothing else to do right now… The time has come for me to get…

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Why I Quit Facebook Forever

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I first joined Facebook way back in 2007 or so, I can’t remember exactly when. Back then it was innocent and unassuming. There were no ads, and there were very few people on it, and fewer still who knew what it was. Heck, I was on it and I barely…

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Candid Shot at Monny’s Store

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My good friend and client Monny recently asked me to take some photos of his designer eyewear store for publication in a magazine. The magazine had requested photos of the store itself and “action” shots of Monny at work. To achieve the latter Monny invited a friend of his to…

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