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Slopes of Mount Cheam

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Our friends invited us to climb a mountain last night. I said yes because I thought it seemed like to good day to die of exhaustion. I got a couple of pretty photos though, when I worked up the strength to get out my camera.

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Oil Lamp in Barkerville House

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It’s a darn good thing that residents of Barkerville didn’t have to deal with today’s politics. Imagine the carbon tax they’d have to pay with all these dirty oil lanterns hanging about.

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No Fat People Allowed

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I’m not exactly sure when building codes were introduced in British Columbia, but I am reasonably confident Barkerville predates them by several decades at least. And what is the result of a town built relatively free of regulation? Diversity of course! The buildings come on all shapes and sizes. For instance, all of the doorways […]

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Just the Top Floor

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As a photographer, how do you deal with a crowded place like Barkerville? Tourists have a bad habit of ruining the mood when you’re trying to capture images of a 19th century gold rush town. You just have to get creative and find the details*. *Photoshop helps too.

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Sunset Storm Over Ashcroft

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Our first day in Barkerville was perfect. Nice warm, but not hot, weather and sunny skies. But by that evening we were huddled under a tarp that we literally threw over ourselves and the picnic table at our campsite. We ate our dinner of ramen noodles and hot dogs under a wet, steamy tarp cave […]

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Barkerville Window

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This is just a window in Barkerville. A very old window. I though it looked cool. I’ve taken a few other pictures of windows too.