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Sunset Storm Over Ashcroft

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Our first day in Barkerville was perfect. Nice warm, but not hot, weather and sunny skies. But by that evening we were huddled under a tarp that we literally threw over ourselves and the picnic table at our campsite. We ate our dinner of ramen noodles and hot dogs under a wet, steamy tarp cave […]

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Barkerville Window

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This is just a window in Barkerville. A very old window. I though it looked cool. I’ve taken a few other pictures of windows too.

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Busters Food Mart

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Buster’s clearly went bust a while ago because this is its “good side”. There seems to be two kinds of small towns in America. There’s the quaint, heritage styled “arts communities”. Those are nice. And then there’s the other kind. The kind with a big Walmart and abandoned, derelict business everywhere.

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Northeastern California Vista

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What do you do when there’s a storm brewing and you’re stopped at a deserted rest stop in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in northeastern California? Take pictures, of course. Here’s a wider view:

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Oceanside Beach, Oregon

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I have said it before and I’ll say it again, the Oregon coast is one of my favourite places on earth. Every time I go back there I come away with a new appreciation for it. This is Oceanside Beach, just one of the many beaches along the way.

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Yosemite Vista

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Okay, so our Yosemite plans didn’t work out exactly how we imagined. We arrived under the midday sun, couldn’t find anywhere to camp and had no choice but to pass right though. I did what I could, under the circumstances.