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Alcatraz Morgue and Autopsy Room

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If you were unlucky (or lucky?) enough to die at Alcatraz, this is where you would have ended up; the end of an old re-purposed tunnel. No refrigeration here, but apparently it stayed nice and cool, or at least cool enough to keep the rot away until the boat arrived…

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I Have Testicular Cancer

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After two months of uncertainty, three ultrasounds, multiple blood tests, a CT scan and a traumatic surgery, it has finally been confirmed. I have testicular cancer. Obviously this diagnosis triggers a sea of conflicting emotions but, as odd as it may seem, what I feel most is a sense of…

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Oregon Coast Beach

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I didn’t expect that I’d be travelling down to the Oregon coast twice in one year, but that’s exactly what I’ll be doing. In August Rachelle and I will be enjoying this beautiful drive for the second time. I am starting to get excited for the trip so I thought…

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Movie Review: Maleficent

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Warning: This review spoils the story but you should read it anyway because I’m certain it’s more interesting than the actual movie. So there. “Will you ever be able to enjoy anything again,” asked Rachelle, as we rode the train home after seeing Maleficent. “What do you mean?” “Will you…

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My Urban Garden

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Okay, so here’s something a little different from the type of photos I normally post. Rather than being “art” this is just a snapshot of the balcony pond and urban garden that we recently put together. I have to admit, I am rather proud of it, and my goldfish seem…

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