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Arashiyama Yoshimura Restaurant

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This is one of my favourite shots from my time in Kyoto. The sunlight was landing in just the right way. I was so happy to have my super-wide lens which allowed me to stand right in front and still get everything in the frame. That was important because there were so many people around […]

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Lonely Bicycle – Tokyo, Japan

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Sometimes it feels like someone set up a shot just for me to find. This was one of those occasions. Yeah, I’m gonna get all artsy fartsy about it. I just love the trio of textures on the walls and ground, all converging with the bicycle all alone in the foreground. If you don’t like […]

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Statue at Zojo-ji Temple, Tokyo

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There are actually hundreds of statues at Zojo-ji Temple. I wrote a bit about them in my previous post. I am unsure what this one represents, but I’m a sucker for complementary colours.

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Garden of Unborn Children at Zojo-ji Temple, Tokyo

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Zojo-ji Temple on Tokyo is the family temple of the Tokugawa Shoguns that ruled Japan from 1600 until 1868. If you’re like me, you know them better as the fictionalized Toranaga Shoguns in James Clavell’s novels Shogun and Gaijin (amazing books, read them!). The Garden of Unborn Children lines one side of the temple. The […]

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Shibuya Restaurant at Night

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There are so many cities that are completely dead at night. The office workers go home to the suburbs and there’s no one left. Tokyo is definitely not one of those cities. All through the night it’s bright and full of activity. Like this restaurant in the Shibuya neighbourhood. Of course, that’s really a generalization. […]

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Sundown in Shibuya

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I don’t know if it’s a universal tendency, or if it’s just me, but when I travel to a new city I can’t help but relate it to cities I have been to before. So while wandering Tokyo, I was always catching myself saying things like, “this is like the ________ of ________”. And that’s […]