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Gion Side Street – Kyoto, Japan

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I just got home from a trip to the local dog park with my puppy, and I was thoroughly disgusted by how filthy it was. So many disgusting pigs that can’t be bothered to pick up after their dogs. And […]

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Salaryman Heading Home

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One of the first things I said to Rachelle when after we got to Japan was how it seemed like it was a few decades behind the west. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and I very much hope Japan […]

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Anne’s Room at Green Gables

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My wife has been watching CBC’s new awful and cynical Anne of Green Gables series, which reminded me that just a few months ago we were actually at Green Gables. The Green Gables house is located inside Prince Edward Island […]

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Old City Tunnel

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While wandering around Quebec City, I came across this long tunnel. It’s actually a gated driveway, and in person it looked really interesting to me. However, when I looked at it back home on my computer I was just flat […]

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Montreal Duplex

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This is just a really cool looking duplex in Montreal. Actually, there’s not shortage of cool duplexes in Montreal, but this the bright green on this on really stood out.

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Francois De Laval – Quebec City

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This stunning work of art is a statue of Francois De Laval in Quebec City. Francois De Laval was the first Roman Catholic bishop of Quebec and is considered to be the Father of the Canadian Church. A quick perusal […]