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Arishiyama Home – Kyoto, Japan

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A very pretty and well-kept home in the Village of Arishiyama on the edge of Kyoto. Once again we have a bicycle left unattended with just a flimsy lock on the back wheel. Not the 40lb chain and a telephone pole that you need to keep your bike safe in Vancouver (and then they’d still […]

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Peggy’s Cove

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I saw a lot of beautiful places on my most recent trip across Canada. But my jaw dropped open and stayed open as we drove into the storybook town of Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia. This is absolutely one of the most stunning and unique places on the planet.

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Gates at Tenryu-ji Temple – Kyoto, Japan

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Just a small piece of one of the many beautiful temples in Kyoto, Japan. At the risk of sounding sappy and dramatic, My heart longs to visit this country again. Japan is one of the most modern countries in the world, and yet it has a wonderful reverence for its culture and history that I […]

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Tokyo Tower From Ropongi

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Despite knowing ahead of time that it was a cheesy tourist trap, I did visit the famous Tokyo Tower while in Japan. I did not pay to go up it, nor did I find it particularly photogenic up close. Just my opinion, but I found this bicycle in a nearby parking lot much more interesting. […]

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Arashiyama Yoshimura Restaurant

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This is one of my favourite shots from my time in Kyoto. The sunlight was landing in just the right way. I was so happy to have my super-wide lens which allowed me to stand right in front and still get everything in the frame. That was important because there were so many people around […]

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Lonely Bicycle – Tokyo, Japan

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Sometimes it feels like someone set up a shot just for me to find. This was one of those occasions. Yeah, I’m gonna get all artsy fartsy about it. I just love the trio of textures on the walls and ground, all converging with the bicycle all alone in the foreground. If you don’t like […]