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Seattle Gum Wall Vent

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A while back my wife and I went on an overnight trip to Tacoma to see the worst concert in the history of mankind (seriously, #$%#! you, Roger Waters, you complete and utter tool), so the highlight of the trip […]

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Bomber Brewing

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Vancouver is extremely saturated with craft breweries, which is good because if you can’t afford a house, at least you can spend your money on good beer an drink it with your eight roommates. Now I know that may come […]

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Strathcona Beer Company

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If you had hipster coffee in the afternoon, it’s only appropriate that you have hipster beer in the evening, right? Luckily there are no shortage of craft breweries in Vancouver, so you can pretty much take your pick.

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Hipster Coffee

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I love good coffee. What I don’t particularly love is pretentious coffee (or pretentious anything else, really). But the other day we were out and about in East Van looking for the nearest coffee shop that wasn’t Starbucks. We had […]

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Derelict Northern Ontario Gas Station

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One of the things that was impossible to ignore while driving through Northern Ontario is how many of the small towns are in a serious state of decay as a result of the province’s many years of incompetent socialist government. […]

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Kyoto Imperial Palace Abstract

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Months later, I am still trying to catch up on posting all the photos from my Japan trip (and I’m not even accounting for the ones I haven’t edited yet), and I’ve realized something: Without photos, I forget what a […]