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Akihabara – Tokyo, Japan

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You know what I love about Akihabara? It looks cool no matter what time of day it is. So if you’re travel schedule means you can only get there in the mid afternoon, it’s okay. You can still take good photos. And that’s pretty much my main criteria for whether I enjoy a place when […]

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Hotel Le Pays Blanc Tokyo

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Rachelle and I wandered off the main strip of Shibuya, Tokyo and we came across this interesting hold hotel, which I am reasonably sure is actually a love hotel. I’m just making an educated guess based on the other businesses that were nearby and because I’ve heard love hotels often have French names.

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Guard Tower at Tokyo Imperial Palace

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One thing that surprised me about Japan is how frequently I encountered places that were not very photographer friendly. Japan is camera crazy, they basically own the modern photographic industry, and the number of people you see walking around with cameras (not just phones) there is way beyond anything you’d see in Canada. But there […]

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Canal Near Akihabara

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Just a few steps away from busy Akihabara, you’ll find this pretty area with a canal running through it. And that’s how it is all over Tokyo. It’s a crowded megalopolis, but you’re never more that a few blocks away from somewhere peaceful and serene.

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Akihabara Side Street

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One very cool thing about Tokyo is the juxtaposition you encounter nearly everywhere. Even in flashy Akihabara you’ll find quiet little side streets like this one. I had to be really patient and wait for just the right moment with this one. A big struggle I had in Tokyo was how chaotic everything can be, […]

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Sega Building at Akihabara

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If you ever spent any time at all in a video game forum on the internet, you know about Akihabara. But if you’ve never actually been there, you can’t quite picture what it is. Akihabara is basically the nerd district of Tokyo. You’ll find plenty of new and used electronics stores and video game shops. […]