Monthly Archive: April 2010

Backlit Leaves in Autumn

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In the end photography is about capturing light. Some would argue that the lighting is in fact more important than the subject. Personally I differ, I think that it depends on several factors. Some genres of photography are subject centered, […]

Procrastination Is A Waste Of Time

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Procrastination is a waste of time. Duh. It also happens to be our natural human tendency. We are pre-programmed to follow the path of least resistance. In the simplest of terms, it is easier to not do something than it […]

Getting Fit: Doing It The Normal People Way

Permalink to Getting Fit: Doing It The Normal People Way By Jonathan | Published April 8, 2010

I really love food. In fact, cooking is one of my hobbies. I rarely use recipes, I just have a natural talent for knowing what will go well together, and making it happen. It follows then that I also love […]

Why Micro-stock Mega-sucks

Permalink to Why Micro-stock Mega-sucks By Jonathan | Published April 7, 2010

I have been submitting my photos to for four years now. In a month I will close my account with them and never submit another photo again. Here’s why; sometime over the next few weeks I expect to finally […]

The Necessity of Now

Permalink to The Necessity of Now By Jonathan | Published April 5, 2010

Eckhart Tolle wrote a very good book called The Power of Now, a book which I had some very mixed feelings on. Actually it is probably more correct to say I have some mixed feelings about its author, but in […]

The Lament of the Dilettante

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dilettante (plural dilettanti or (rarely) dilettantes) An admirer or lover of the arts A person with a general but superficial interest in any art or a branch of knowledge. (Sometimes derogatory.) Dilettante is one of my favourite words. I like […]

Why There Are Ads On This Website

Permalink to Why There Are Ads On This Website By Jonathan | Published April 3, 2010

Recently I received some criticism for the fact that I feature advertisements on this website. Quite frankly I was taken aback as I have taken care to ensure that the ads are unobtrusive while still being visible. I feel that […]