Monthly Archive: September 2011

Creepy Sandon

Permalink to Creepy Sandon By Jonathan | Published September 22, 2011

My girlfriend and I recently took a road trip to celebrate our anniversary, and one of the towns we passed through isn’t even a town at all anymore. It’s a small ghost town in south-eastern BC that apparently was once […]

The Labour of Love

Permalink to The Labour of Love By Jonathan | Published September 19, 2011

As I was putting around the house this morning I suddenly had the old saying, “it’s a labour of love” running through my mind. They kept popping up over and over, and I kept shrugging them off as just another […]

The Lenovo Laptop Saga (And A New Contest)

Permalink to The Lenovo Laptop Saga (And A New Contest) By Jonathan | Published September 16, 2011

It’s been a while. Here’s why (warning: the majority of this article is off topic). I am writing this on a brand new Lenovo W520 mobile workstation. It’s a beautiful machine. It’s fast, quiet, has an amazing full HD screen, […]