Monthly Archive: November 2011

Looking In

Permalink to Looking In By Jonathan | Published November 29, 2011

My lovely fiancée is most fond of doing things that make me fearful for her life. Like sitting on the edges of decrepit railing-less bridges, or walking across narrow concrete walls in middle-of-nowhere, Hawaii. On this particular occasion, she thought […]

Should You Trust Cloud Computing?

Permalink to Should You Trust Cloud Computing? By Jonathan | Published November 17, 2011

Cloud computing is here to stay, that much is clear. But should you trust your precious data to the cloud? If you were to ask me that question my answer would be a resounding “NO!”. I believe that we are […]

The Midnight Manifesto

Permalink to The Midnight Manifesto By Jonathan | Published November 7, 2011

I recently made the decision to rekindle my interest in art, more specifically, drawing with coloured pencils. As a result I found myself sorting through some old art supplies which had been in storage. As I was flipping through the […]