Monthly Archive: May 2017

Painting the Wall

Permalink to Painting the Wall By Jonathan | Published May 31, 2017

While shooting portraits and headshots with Malcolm and Cassandra, I spotted this conveniently located paint splatter and I couldn’t resist having a little fun.

Malcolm’s Headshot

Permalink to Malcolm’s Headshot By Jonathan | Published May 30, 2017

Unlike his other half, Cassandra, Malcolm is pretty much 100% goof, and that’s why the first headshot below is my favourite. Still, if you’re persistent, you can coax a normal smile out of him… Or even get him to keep […]

Cassandra’s Headshot

Permalink to Cassandra’s Headshot By Jonathan | Published May 30, 2017

I’m taking a little break from posting pictures from Japan to share a few I took of some very cool people, Malcolm and Cassandra. They are an old married couple (going on two years now), so we took a few […]

Akihabara Store

Permalink to Akihabara Store By Jonathan | Published May 24, 2017

This is just a small section of a cool looking and chaotic storefront in Akihabara, Tokyo. The visual was only part of the experience, there was also very interesting music blaring, and comical rotating figurines nearby. I’ll show you some […]

Canal Near Akihabara

Permalink to Canal Near Akihabara By Jonathan | Published May 13, 2017

Just a few steps away from busy Akihabara, you’ll find this pretty area with a canal running through it. And that’s how it is all over Tokyo. It’s a crowded megalopolis, but you’re never more that a few blocks away […]

Akihabara Side Street

Permalink to Akihabara Side Street By Jonathan | Published May 11, 2017

One very cool thing about Tokyo is the juxtaposition you encounter nearly everywhere. Even in flashy Akihabara you’ll find quiet little side streets like this one. I had to be really patient and wait for just the right moment with […]

Tokyo Vending Machines

Permalink to Tokyo Vending Machines By Jonathan | Published May 6, 2017

Rachelle was forever making fun of me because of my obsession with the vending machines in Japan. They are EVERYWHERE! We didn’t see any of the rumoured machines with more questionable merchandise. But you will never go thirsty in Japan. […]

Yoyogi Park Staircase

Permalink to Yoyogi Park Staircase By Jonathan | Published May 4, 2017

This is an entrance staircase on one side of Yoyogi Park in Tokyo. It descends into the park from the street above. It’s framed by twin murals on each side, and I thought it looked very cool. This was one […]

Rachelle in Yoyogi Park

Permalink to Rachelle in Yoyogi Park By Jonathan | Published May 3, 2017

When you spend hours and hours walking around in the humid spring air of Tokyo, getting covered in a sticky layer of sweat, it’s tricky to convince your wife to stop and pose for portraits. Luckily, she looks a lot […]

Under the Rail Bridge

Permalink to Under the Rail Bridge By Jonathan | Published May 3, 2017

Tokyo is all about trains. On the ground, above the ground, and below the ground. It’s a massive city, but you can get anywhere you want in a very short time thanks to its tangle of rail lines. No matter […]

Sakura on the Lake

Permalink to Sakura on the Lake By Jonathan | Published May 2, 2017

Because our trip to Japan was delayed by almost two months from when we originally intended to visit, we only caught the tail end of the sakura season. Nevertheless, there were still a few trees to be found that were […]