Monthly Archive: December 2017

Two Forests in Arashiyama – Kyoto, Japan

Permalink to Two Forests in Arashiyama – Kyoto, Japan By Jonathan | Published December 18, 2017

Arashiayama is famous for a few things. One of them is Iwatayama Monkey Park, and another is this beautiful bamboo forest. But it’s not the only forest in town. There’s also the kimono “forest”, which is a collection of cylindrical […]

Landyachtz Arcade

Permalink to Landyachtz Arcade By Jonathan | Published December 17, 2017

I happened across this scene while exploring the many breweries in East Vancouver. Apparently it’s a “pop-up arcade” operated by a local skateboard company. I just thought it looked cool.

Tires and Trash

Permalink to Tires and Trash By Jonathan | Published December 13, 2017

Just a big pile of tires around a dumpster that I came across one day while wandering through Vancouver. Yep, it’s not all glass towers full of snobs with credit card debt.

Bicycle in Gion Alley

Permalink to Bicycle in Gion Alley By Jonathan | Published December 6, 2017

Gion is a historic Geisha district in Kyoto. Its narrow streets and traditional buildings make it a uniquely charming area of an already charming city. Tourists and locals alike can be seen roaming the neighborhood in elaborate kimonos which are […]

Nijo Castle – Kyoto, Japan

Permalink to Nijo Castle – Kyoto, Japan By Jonathan | Published December 5, 2017

Nijo Castle was probably one of the more awe-inspiring places we visited while in Japan. It just happens to have been the home of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the last Shogun of Japan. I know him better as his fictionalized version, Toranaga, […]

Shrine at Iwatayama Park

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People come to Iwatayama Park to see the monkeys, but the first thing you’ll see at the bottom gate is this shrine. It’s like the hundreds scattered all over Kyoto, and yet completely unique.