Monthly Archive: February 2018

Old City Tunnel

Permalink to Old City Tunnel By Jonathan | Published February 22, 2018

While wandering around Quebec City, I came across this long tunnel. It’s actually a gated driveway, and in person it looked really interesting to me. However, when I looked at it back home on my computer I was just flat […]

Francois De Laval – Quebec City

Permalink to Francois De Laval – Quebec City By Jonathan | Published February 8, 2018

This stunning work of art is a statue of Francois De Laval in Quebec City. Francois De Laval was the first Roman Catholic bishop of Quebec and is considered to be the Father of the Canadian Church. A quick perusal […]

Nigel West Dickens

Permalink to Nigel West Dickens By Jonathan | Published February 3, 2018

It’s been exactly one week since we traveled to Calgary and brought our new family member home. He bravely left behind his brothers and sisters and his “gramma” (Thank you, Carol!) and got into a car with two strangers who […]