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After the Storm – Chilliwack, BC

I have received some feedback from people in regard to the fact that I don’t normally give any information about the photos I post. Now it has been my point of view that the image stands alone. One the other hand, I do understand why some people might be curious for a bit of exposition sometimes. So from now one I am going to try to accompany the photos I post with a few words about them.

This past Sunday I took a drive with my friend out to Cultus Lake, just for something to do. As we passed through Chilliwack it was clear we were just behind a pretty significant storm, as evidenced by the ominous, but clearing clouds. Little did we know that we were in fact following that very storm, and would catch up to it in Cultus where we got caught in one of the craziest hail storms I have ever seen.

After the Storm
After the Storm


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