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Hello, I’m Jonathan. Welcome to In the Limelight, my little slice of the web. Here I showcase my photography and blog about creativity, travel, and personal development. I also offer various creative services.

I live in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia with the love of my life, Rachelle. When I am not taking pictures or geeking out at my computer I enjoy cycling, cooking and reading novels until the wee hours of the morning.

In 2013 I participated in The Ride to Conquer Cancer and cycled from Vancouver to Seattle. Together with my team we raised over $500,000 dollars for cancer research.

I am always looking to connect with other like-minded people.

Posts by Jonathan:

Venice Side Street

Permalink to Venice Side Street By Jonathan | Published January 5, 2019

If there’s one thing that can be said about Venice, it’s that it is busy. It’s so busy that the government is actively passing legislation to try and reduce tourism. I’m fairly certain that’s a futile endeavor, but I can […]

A Venice Cathedral – Venice, Italy

Permalink to A Venice Cathedral – Venice, Italy By Jonathan | Published November 4, 2018

We randomly wandered into this stunningly beautiful work of art in Venice. And it’s far from being the most impressive in the city. Weep for the world’s loss of appreciation for aesthetics the next time you wander into a generic […]

Quiet Piazza in Venice

Permalink to Quiet Piazza in Venice By Jonathan | Published October 31, 2018

Our first stop, and still my favourite stop, in Italy? Venice of course. Even though we were there in the fall, it was still jam packed with tourists. The main streets were gridlocked with people. But here’s the weird thing […]

Street with Umbrellas – Zurich

Permalink to Street with Umbrellas – Zurich By Jonathan | Published October 28, 2018

Every city has a street like this now, don’t they? It didn’t rain until we got to Rome, so all these umbrellas in Zurich had nothing to do except hang there and wait for me to take a photo.

Zurich Riverfront

Permalink to Zurich Riverfront By Jonathan | Published October 19, 2018

Zurich is an interesting city. Very modern, even in the “old” section, at least when compared to Italy or even what little we saw of Munich. Everything is outrageously expensive, and that’s not just because of the exchange rate. And […]

Zurich Container Club

Permalink to Zurich Container Club By Jonathan | Published October 14, 2018

While we were in Zurich, Rachelle wanted to visit the Freitag store. Freitag is a company that makes overpriced messenger bags, purses and so on out of old, dirty truck tarps. If you know me, you can imagine what I […]

Zurich Scene

Permalink to Zurich Scene By Jonathan | Published October 13, 2018

The first part of our European adventure was the quiet part, just me and my wife. We spent most of our time in Switzerland just wandering aimlessly around the streets of Zurich until we ran into something interesting. I brought […]

Miles Canyon – Whitehorse, Yukon

Permalink to Miles Canyon – Whitehorse, Yukon By Jonathan | Published September 13, 2018

If there’s one thing you could say about the Yukon, it’s that it is pristine. And I suppose that’s really not surprising at all considering that less than 36,000 people live in the entire territory! Even more fascinating is that […]

Modern Tokyo

Permalink to Modern Tokyo By Jonathan | Published September 4, 2018

All cities have contrasts between the old and new. But if you’re used to North American Cities, that contrast is usually spans a maximum of 300 years. But in Tokyo, where the oldest intact building is over 600 years old, […]

Monsieur Rene

Permalink to Monsieur Rene By Jonathan | Published August 28, 2018

When we were in Ottawa last year we saw an absolutely hilarious street performer by the name of Monsieur Rene. I did grab a few shots but, as often happens with me, I set them aside because I had a […]

How to Take Better Sunset Photos

Permalink to How to Take Better Sunset Photos By Jonathan | Published August 26, 2018

I have recently joined a group on Facebook dedicated to the use of a particular camera. I follow a few other photography groups on Facebook and the contrast between those and this new one is very clear. All of the […]

Leave Before Dark

Permalink to Leave Before Dark By Jonathan | Published August 19, 2018

Well, this post as been sitting as a draft for a couple of weeks now as I got derailed by a WordPress update (WordPress is the software than runs this website, just in case you’re not familiar) that necessitated hours […]