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Hello, I’m Jonathan. Welcome to In the Limelight, my little slice of the web. Here I showcase my photography and blog about creativity, travel, and personal development. I also offer various creative services.

I live in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia with the love of my life, Rachelle. When I am not taking pictures or geeking out at my computer I enjoy cycling, cooking and reading novels until the wee hours of the morning.

In 2013 I participated in The Ride to Conquer Cancer and cycled from Vancouver to Seattle. Together with my team we raised over $500,000 dollars for cancer research.

I am always looking to connect with other like-minded people.

Posts by Jonathan:

Sunset at Peyto Lake

Permalink to Sunset at Peyto Lake By Jonathan | Published August 5, 2018

I have wanted to see Peyto Lake for as long as I can remember. Ever since I first saw photos of it as a kid. Well, we got confused by the signage in the park and we missed it, and […]

Moody Evening at Maligne Lake

Permalink to Moody Evening at Maligne Lake By Jonathan | Published July 24, 2018

The last time I photographed Maligne Lake the conditions were much different. It was a clear day, with just a few puffy white clouds on the horizon. I was never completely happy with that photo, I always wished I had […]

Sunset Over Prince Rupert – A Bit Later

Permalink to Sunset Over Prince Rupert – A Bit Later By Jonathan | Published July 7, 2018

One of the greatest things about a sunset is how quickly it can change. Just when you think you’ve seen the best moment, something amazing happens. I end up taking several shots, and it’s always hard to decide which one […]

Matt the Mountain Man

Permalink to Matt the Mountain Man By Jonathan | Published July 6, 2018

This is my friend Matt. I’ve always considered him a “mountain man”. So I wasn’t surprised when he bought and old fixer-upper house in Prince Rupert and moved north, but maybe a bit surprised it took him so long. He […]

School’s Out for Summer

Permalink to School’s Out for Summer By Jonathan | Published July 5, 2018

The sad part of visiting beautiful, but hard to get to places like these is that in the absence of any rules or enforcement, assholes do what they want. So the top of Mount Hays is sadly littered with garbage […]

Sunset Over Prince Rupert

Permalink to Sunset Over Prince Rupert By Jonathan | Published July 4, 2018

Thanks to our 4X4 owning friend Matt, who we’ve been visiting for the past couple of weeks, we’ve been treated to some unreal views above Prince Rupert, BC. Yes, it’s a bit of a harrowing journey to get up here […]

Nigel at 7 Months Old

Permalink to Nigel at 7 Months Old By Jonathan | Published July 2, 2018

It’s hard to believe that this big guy used to be this little guy such a short time ago. Yep, sadly he won’t be a puppy much longer. Well, appearance wise anyway, Aussies pretty much never stop being puppies. He’s […]

Ruins on the Road to Prince Rupert

Permalink to Ruins on the Road to Prince Rupert By Jonathan | Published June 27, 2018

We were following our friend to Prince Rupert when he suddenly pulled off the highway and led us to this place. He told us a pretty funny story about taking his mom there and camping in his van for the […]

Fox Blep

Permalink to Fox Blep By Jonathan | Published June 15, 2018

As were were heading toward the Confederation Bridge to leave Prince Edward Island, we noticed a fox hanging around the waterfront just a little way from the bridge. He was burying his dinner, a large bird, when he noticed us. […]

Pit Stop Landscape

Permalink to Pit Stop Landscape By Jonathan | Published May 14, 2018

Okay, so you might think having a new puppy would result in more photo opportunities. But the truth is, he’s a lot of work, and he is so busy that there usually isn’t time to grab the real camera. If […]

Gion Side Street – Kyoto, Japan

Permalink to Gion Side Street – Kyoto, Japan By Jonathan | Published March 7, 2018

I just got home from a trip to the local dog park with my puppy, and I was thoroughly disgusted by how filthy it was. So many disgusting pigs that can’t be bothered to pick up after their dogs. And […]

Anne’s Room at Green Gables

Permalink to Anne’s Room at Green Gables By Jonathan | Published March 1, 2018

My wife has been watching CBC’s new awful and cynical Anne of Green Gables series, which reminded me that just a few months ago we were actually at Green Gables. The Green Gables house is located inside Prince Edward Island […]

Old City Tunnel

Permalink to Old City Tunnel By Jonathan | Published February 22, 2018

While wandering around Quebec City, I came across this long tunnel. It’s actually a gated driveway, and in person it looked really interesting to me. However, when I looked at it back home on my computer I was just flat […]

Francois De Laval – Quebec City

Permalink to Francois De Laval – Quebec City By Jonathan | Published February 8, 2018

This stunning work of art is a statue of Francois De Laval in Quebec City. Francois De Laval was the first Roman Catholic bishop of Quebec and is considered to be the Father of the Canadian Church. A quick perusal […]