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Calm Waters on the Sea of Cortez

The waves here are big and the undertow is fierce. There are warning signs up and down the beach telling people to stay out of the water.

So I when I walked along the beach one morning and encountered nothing but calm blue water it was quite a surprise. It was almost eerie not to hear the crashing of waves against the shore.

Los Cabos, Baja, Mexico

Layers on the Sea of Cortez
Layers on the Sea of Cortez


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  • Dawn says:

    Is this what one would call a Minimalist Landscape? . I like them for there clean lines and simplicity. The colours in the sea and the sand are nice and rich. I like the band of light on the sea near the shoreline it breaks up the large area of blue sea which could have been too much blue. I don’t think it is boring , I like it quite a lot, it is soothing to look at. IMVHO


    I know you did not ask this but thought I would just add , I see many of these as prints in waiting rooms, Hotel lobbies/lounges over here, They seem to have taken over the function in public spaces, that the impressionist prints use to occupy. Is it a kind of landscapes to be viewed from afar, as the impressionist ones are ?

    • Jonathan says:

      I suppose you could call it that. It’s something different for me, not my usual subject matter but I like it for just the reasons you describe.

      I imagine you are right, an image like this would work well viewed from afar and would also enlarge very well.