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Why I Quit Facebook Forever

Permalink to Why I Quit Facebook Forever By Jonathan | Published November 28, 2013

I first joined Facebook way back in 2007 or so, I can’t remember exactly when. Back then it was innocent and unassuming. There were no ads, and there were very few people on it, and fewer still who knew what it was. Heck, I was on it and I barely knew what it was. I […]

The Myth of Money Motivation

Permalink to The Myth of Money Motivation By Jonathan | Published November 28, 2011

I’ll never forget the moment I heard those words. I was sitting in the back row, at a sales training seminar. I had already made up my mind that I was in the wrong place, training for the wrong job. But I had not yet found the courage to be true to myself and leave. […]

Should You Trust Cloud Computing?

Permalink to Should You Trust Cloud Computing? By Jonathan | Published November 17, 2011

Cloud computing is here to stay, that much is clear. But should you trust your precious data to the cloud? If you were to ask me that question my answer would be a resounding “NO!”. I believe that we are heading down a very dangerous path with cloud computing, and that few people have even […]

Forgotten Ideas

Permalink to Forgotten Ideas By Jonathan | Published May 12, 2011

As a writer, I have no shortage of ideas. I know that might seem like an odd thing to say. You might be thinking I must be the luckiest writer in the world to have such an abundance of things to write about. After all, isn’t writers’ block the bane of a writer’s existence? Is […]

Book Review: Rework

Permalink to Book Review: Rework By Jonathan | Published May 5, 2011

I have just finished reading the most refreshing business book I have ever come across. It’s called Rework, and it is truly unique. It the rebellious step child of business books. It breaks all the rules and it encourages you to break them too. It makes radical recommendations, like telling you to forget about a […]

Why Wal-Mart Is Evil And What You Can Do About It

Permalink to Why Wal-Mart Is Evil And What You Can Do About It By Jonathan | Published August 5, 2008

Recently I wrote an article detailing why it was counterproductive to your own success to resent those who have achieved it already. I used Bill Gates as an example of someone who should be admired, not despised, and I explained why. So when you read what I am about to write you may be inclined […]