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May the Triforce Be With You

Permalink to May the Triforce Be With You By Jonathan | Published March 17, 2017

The best part about my wife’s new business is that every time she creates a new product, I get to take pictures of it! This is her mashup of Star Wars and The Legend of Zelda cross-stitch pattern, which is for sale at her store. I have an acquaintance with a love for 3D printing […]

My Wife Makes Some Lyrical Junk

Permalink to My Wife Makes Some Lyrical Junk By Jonathan | Published February 17, 2017

My wife Rachelle has been hard at work for the past few months on something she’s wanted to do for a very long time: She’s launched her own jewellery and craft business. She’s creating and selling beautiful handmade items straight out of her own imagination. It’s called Lyrical Junk and you can find her website […]

The Lenovo Laptop Saga (And A New Contest)

Permalink to The Lenovo Laptop Saga (And A New Contest) By Jonathan | Published September 16, 2011

It’s been a while. Here’s why (warning: the majority of this article is off topic). I am writing this on a brand new Lenovo W520 mobile workstation. It’s a beautiful machine. It’s fast, quiet, has an amazing full HD screen, it’s loaded with ram, and the battery life is downright incredible for such a powerful […]

Committing “Purgery”

Permalink to Committing “Purgery” By Jonathan | Published May 15, 2011

I have been hard at work lately. Not only have I been hard at work writing new content for In the Limelight, I have also given it it’s most dramatic face-lift ever, and fine tuned other elements of the site that you may or may not have noticed. However, by far the most difficult project […]

The Limelight Theme Released to the Public

Permalink to The Limelight Theme Released to the Public By Jonathan | Published April 7, 2011

UPDATE: This post is old. This theme is old. Many things have changed in WordPress that have most likely broken some things in the theme. I would not suggest using this theme on a live site (it’s dated and ugly by today’s standards anyway). With that being said it is a very simple theme with […]

Bloggers: Be Careful Of Your Fans

Permalink to Bloggers: Be Careful Of Your Fans By Jonathan | Published June 15, 2010

So I have been away for a while, much longer than I realized. Well, I have a good reason, and this post will explain it all. I thought long and hard before posting this article. By saying what I want to say, I will almost certainly end up hurting someone’s feelings. It is also not […]

Why There Are Ads On This Website

Permalink to Why There Are Ads On This Website By Jonathan | Published April 3, 2010

Recently I received some criticism for the fact that I feature advertisements on this website. Quite frankly I was taken aback as I have taken care to ensure that the ads are unobtrusive while still being visible. I feel that I have struck a good balance between aesthetics, function, and the necessary evil of advertisements. […]

Free Credit Card Icon Pack

Permalink to Free Credit Card Icon Pack By Jonathan | Published October 18, 2009

When needed some new credit card icons for The Limelight Shop, I was surprised to find that what was available online really wasn’t all that good. The options ranged from cheesy and outdated, to way to fancy to be professional. I just needed something in between. I wanted nice looking icons, not too plain, but […]