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My Struggle

Permalink to My Struggle By Jonathan | Published March 2, 2017

You may have heard that Donald Trump is literally Hitler. Of course, in the parlance of our times, literally literally means figuratively. Words don’t mean what they mean anymore, they mean whatever the barely literate liberal arts gender studies major with filthy rich parents who’s lecturing you about your “privilege” wants them to mean. Up […]


Permalink to Paralysis By Jonathan | Published September 12, 2016

I am paralyzed. No, I’m not in a wheel chair. Yes, I still have two legs, and they work. Arms work too. Oh sure, chemotherapy took its toll. I don’t quite have the stamina I used too. And I am cursed with nerve damage and mysterious pains. But by and large, my body still works. […]

Chemotherapy Journal

Permalink to Chemotherapy Journal By Jonathan | Published February 2, 2015

When I visited the BC Cancer Agency last week for my “chemo teach” session, I was given a very nice paper journal which I took as an indication that journaling was a popular and encouraged activity during chemotherapy treatment. Well, I am not much for writing in journals, but I do blog and after my […]

I Have Testicular Cancer

Permalink to I Have Testicular Cancer By Jonathan | Published September 24, 2014

After two months of uncertainty, three ultrasounds, multiple blood tests, a CT scan and a traumatic surgery, it has finally been confirmed. I have testicular cancer. Obviously this diagnosis triggers a sea of conflicting emotions but, as odd as it may seem, what I feel most is a sense of relief. In 2013 I participated […]

Why I Quit Facebook Forever

Permalink to Why I Quit Facebook Forever By Jonathan | Published November 28, 2013

I first joined Facebook way back in 2007 or so, I can’t remember exactly when. Back then it was innocent and unassuming. There were no ads, and there were very few people on it, and fewer still who knew what it was. Heck, I was on it and I barely knew what it was. I […]

One Glad Morning: Coping With Suicide

Permalink to One Glad Morning: Coping With Suicide By Jonathan | Published July 11, 2013

I didn’t know Jezariel well. I wish I had. When I would see him at family gatherings he would always greet me warmly as if he had known me his entire life. What I do know is that he was always kind and considerate to everyone around him. He loved his family deeply, especially his […]

Why do People Hate?

Permalink to Why do People Hate? By Jonathan | Published April 2, 2013

Update: When I originally wrote this post I was determined to take the high road. I deliberately left out any names and instead just shared my thoughts. More than two years later, this person is still stalking my Twitter account, and now she’s harassing my fiancée as well, and gleefully mocking my fight with cancer. […]

Hello Blog. It’s Been a Long Time.

Permalink to Hello Blog. It’s Been a Long Time. By Jonathan | Published March 14, 2013

Well hello blog, it’s been a long time. I haven’t been sure what to do with you. I haven’t really known what direction to take you in for a while. I even considered deleting everything and starting over. You see, I had this idea that I wanted to turn my blog into a business. And […]

Bloggers: Be Careful Of Your Fans

Permalink to Bloggers: Be Careful Of Your Fans By Jonathan | Published June 15, 2010

So I have been away for a while, much longer than I realized. Well, I have a good reason, and this post will explain it all. I thought long and hard before posting this article. By saying what I want to say, I will almost certainly end up hurting someone’s feelings. It is also not […]