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My First Film Failure

Permalink to My First Film Failure By Jonathan | Published June 14, 2017

The photos that illustrate this post are bad. I’ll explain exactly why at the end. It’s no secret that film photography is experiencing a resurgence over the past few years. It’s moved beyond just the hipster “Lomographer” crowd, more and more photographers are rediscovering film or, in some cases, discovering it for the first time. […]

Mini Midge In the Sun

Permalink to Mini Midge In the Sun By Jonathan | Published September 29, 2013

This one is a little different. It’s an impromptu snapshot of one of my mom’s cats (she was my cat when I was growing up, but now she’s a cranky old lady and tends to snub me when I visit). It’s not a good photo per se. In fact it is an extremely flawed photo. […]

Why “Straight Out Of the Camera” Is Not a Boast You Should Make

Permalink to Why “Straight Out Of the Camera” Is Not a Boast You Should Make By Jonathan | Published September 3, 2013

One sentence I see far too often from photographers who post their work online, usually in forums, is “straight out of the camera”. Whenever I see this sentence I know I am about to see some boring, flat images with little or no distinct style or character. For some reason certain photographers see re-touching as […]

Why Retouching Photos Is Not Cheating

Permalink to Why Retouching Photos Is Not Cheating By Jonathan | Published August 22, 2013

There’s a peculiar breed of photographer out there that doesn’t like retouching. For some reason they consider it “cheating”. I have no idea why. Every photo ever taken is a compromise It’s the result of a set of choices you have to make on the spot. Exposure time, aperture, and ISO are the obvious ones, […]

Dominican Lifeguard

Permalink to Dominican Lifeguard By Jonathan | Published March 18, 2011

I have been more than a little slow in getting any of the photos I took in the Dominican Republic this February published on this site. I had some technical complications. Namely, my laptop decided that the moment I opened up Photoshop upon returning from my trip would be the perfect time to die. I […]

Why Micro-stock Mega-sucks

Permalink to Why Micro-stock Mega-sucks By Jonathan | Published April 7, 2010

I have been submitting my photos to for four years now. In a month I will close my account with them and never submit another photo again. Here’s why; sometime over the next few weeks I expect to finally crawl over the minimum payout threshold of $75. I do not intend to spend another […]

What Once Was Lost Has Now Been Found

Permalink to What Once Was Lost Has Now Been Found By Jonathan | Published January 26, 2010

A long time ago now, nearly nine years ago in fact I travelled across this great land of mine by train. I had wanted to make the trip on The Canadian as the train/route is called ever since I was a kid and I read a book by Eric Wilson set on that very train. […]

My New Favourite Toy: A Panasonic GH1

Permalink to My New Favourite Toy: A Panasonic GH1 By Jonathan | Published January 23, 2010

In 1999 the state of the art digital camera on the market was a Canon Pro70. I don’t know how much it cost but if I had to guess I’d say well over $1000. And that $1000 would have bought you a 1.7 megapixel sensor (only barely big enough for a 5X7 print) that only […]