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Mini Midge In the Sun

Permalink to Mini Midge In the Sun By Jonathan | Published September 29, 2013

This one is a little different. It’s an impromptu snapshot of one of my mom’s cats (she was my cat when I was growing up, but now she’s a cranky old lady and tends to snub me when I visit). It’s not a good photo per se. In fact it is an extremely flawed photo. […]

Why “Straight Out Of the Camera” Is Not a Boast You Should Make

Permalink to Why “Straight Out Of the Camera” Is Not a Boast You Should Make By Jonathan | Published September 3, 2013

One sentence I see far too often from photographers who post their work online, usually in forums, is “straight out of the camera”. Whenever I see this sentence I know I am about to see some boring, flat images with little or no distinct style or character. For some reason certain photographers see re-touching as […]

Why Retouching Photos Is Not Cheating

Permalink to Why Retouching Photos Is Not Cheating By Jonathan | Published August 22, 2013

There’s a peculiar breed of photographer out there that doesn’t like retouching. For some reason they consider it “cheating”. I have no idea why. Every photo ever taken is a compromise It’s the result of a set of choices you have to make on the spot. Exposure time, aperture, and ISO are the obvious ones, […]

Dominican Lifeguard

Permalink to Dominican Lifeguard By Jonathan | Published March 18, 2011

I have been more than a little slow in getting any of the photos I took in the Dominican Republic this February published on this site. I had some technical complications. Namely, my laptop decided that the moment I opened up Photoshop upon returning from my trip would be the perfect time to die. I […]

Why Micro-stock Mega-sucks

Permalink to Why Micro-stock Mega-sucks By Jonathan | Published April 7, 2010

I have been submitting my photos to for four years now. In a month I will close my account with them and never submit another photo again. Here’s why; sometime over the next few weeks I expect to finally crawl over the minimum payout threshold of $75. I do not intend to spend another […]