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Nijo Castle – Kyoto, Japan

Permalink to Nijo Castle – Kyoto, Japan By Jonathan | Published December 5, 2017

Nijo Castle was probably one of the more awe-inspiring places we visited while in Japan. It just happens to have been the home of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the last Shogun of Japan. I know him better as his fictionalized version, Toranaga, from what is probably my favourite novel of all time, the aptly name Shogun by […]

Between the Peaks – Oregon Coast

Permalink to Between the Peaks – Oregon Coast By Jonathan | Published November 27, 2014

A seagull was kind enough to fly between the peeks just in time for me to snap this shot from a beach along the Oregon coast. This was truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, equal to, but of course very different from, the beaches of Hawaii.

Living The Good Life In Mexico

Permalink to Living The Good Life In Mexico By Jonathan | Published March 24, 2014

The last time I visited Mexico was back in 2009. It’s hard to believe that was five years ago already. My dad had an extra ticket to his company convention and I was lucky enough to go along free of charge. I had an all expenses paid taste of the good life, and I was […]

What Once Was Lost Has Now Been Found

Permalink to What Once Was Lost Has Now Been Found By Jonathan | Published January 26, 2010

A long time ago now, nearly nine years ago in fact I travelled across this great land of mine by train. I had wanted to make the trip on The Canadian as the train/route is called ever since I was a kid and I read a book by Eric Wilson set on that very train. […]