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Hatagaya Drycleaner

Permalink to Hatagaya Drycleaner By Jonathan Timar | Published June 6, 2017

Here’s another shot of Hatagaya, our home in Tokyo. am actually very conflicted about this image. One the one hand I love that I got the dry-cleaner himself in the shot. On the other hand, The chaos of it kind of makes my brain hurt; I just wish those banners weren’t there. But, on the […]

May the Triforce Be With You

Permalink to May the Triforce Be With You By Jonathan Timar | Published March 17, 2017

The best part about my wife’s new business is that every time she creates a new product, I get to take pictures of it! This is her mashup of Star Wars and The Legend of Zelda cross-stitch pattern, which is for sale at her store. I have an acquaintance with a love for 3D printing […]