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Deadwood at Marble Canyon – Kootenay National Park

I visited Marble Canyon in 2012, eleven years after a massive forest fire burned nearly 12% of Kootenay National Park. After more than a decade the area has only just begun to recover. Where once there was a forest there is now deadwood and fire-weed.

Yet even the wrath of nature has not destroyed the beauty of this place. It’s changed for sure, but still spectacular.

Kootenay Deadwood
Kootenay Deadwood


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  • Dawn says:

    I love the image, the detail is nice and crisp and the stream is lovely and inviting. IMHO.
    Fires are always devastating to any ECO system. We have fires here that rage on the mountain in the windy season equal to the “Mistral” sometimes and go totally out of control if not managed. But I am told that for this to happen it is sometimes good as it re-awakens seed that lies dormant unless this burn occurs, If not from the substance of ash and the nutrients it adds but a natural phenomena to seed germination .. (I have not gone into to it at depth ) . So fires are not always as destructive as we think. However if it happens too often it can be destructive in the long term.

    However this image is not about where I live, a beautiful scene Jonathan, that stream seems very inviting to dip ones toes in. :). I hope to see another image of this place once the fire devastation has been long gone. Thanks for sharing !!