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Free Credit Card Icon Pack

When needed some new credit card icons for The Limelight Shop, I was surprised to find that what was available online really wasn’t all that good. The options ranged from cheesy and outdated, to way to fancy to be professional.

I just needed something in between. I wanted nice looking icons, not too plain, but still understated.

So I made them myself.I have decided to offer them up free of charge to anyone who might find them useful. Obviously they will be used for commercial purposes (because, um, what else would they be good for?), so with that in mind, if you do find them useful, a donation would be graciously accepted, though it’s not a requirement (but you do like good karma, don’t you?).

The only requirement is that you link back to my website, and it has to be dofollow. This is on the honour system of course, but remember, if you don’t play nice, your hair will fall out.

The pack includes icons for Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and PayPal in 48px size. PNG format.

Click the image to download:



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  • Carl B says:

    Nice Icons, thanks for sharing. The ones we currently use are quite dull so these will be very handy.


  • Naomi says:

    Dear Jonathan, lol i am on your site, because their was a link.. now that im here.. i see you do alot more than your usual daily habits.. congrats. I am now searching through all your icons.. very talented you are :) have a nice day, although i guess great would be more appropriate.


  • Mike says:

    thanks dear, thanks for sharing it, i would prefer 128px icons that will be nice one to put in my blog, as i m marketing blogger so i was looking for such icons that could really suit my blog and to my theme.

  • Moshe Lavi says:

    I was searching them to put in my website and i have found you, what a co-incidence, thanks for sharing it, can you please post some more web icons,if you have :) it will be so nice of you. Thanks