Fremont Street Tattoo Parlour

By Jonathan
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Wouldn’t it be cool if I had a story about this place?

“So after three Fat Tuesdays each, we all thought it would be a great idea to drop in here and get matching tattoos of…”

Thankfully, none of us are morons, and in any case I took this picture on the first trip to Vegas with my wife.

What, you think I’d be dumb enough to bring my expensive camera gear to a bachelor party in Vegas?

Fremont Street Tattoo Parlour
Fremont Street Tattoo Parlour

I’ll tell you something about this photo.

I am really bothered by the blonde lady in the window. She was wearing a bright pink shirt that was clashing with the entire shot. I waited for a long time hoping she’d move out of frame, but eventually I had to give up. and rely on my friend Photoshop to make her a blend in a bit better.