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Zurich Riverfront

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Zurich is an interesting city. Very modern, even in the “old” section, at least when compared to Italy or even what little we saw of Munich. Everything is outrageously expensive, and that’s not just because of the exchange rate. And […]

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Rothenburg Door – Rothenberg, Bavaria, Germany

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There’s one thing I notice more and more as I travel: very few people are aware of their surroundings. They simply don’t see. While traversing Europe I’d watch the herds of tourists scrambling from place to place so they could […]

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Zurich Container Club

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While we were in Zurich, Rachelle wanted to visit the Freitag store. Freitag is a company that makes overpriced messenger bags, purses and so on out of old, dirty truck tarps. If you know me, you can imagine what I […]

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Zurich Scene

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The first part of our European adventure was the quiet part, just me and my wife. We spent most of our time in Switzerland just wandering aimlessly around the streets of Zurich until we ran into something interesting. I brought […]

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Miles Canyon – Whitehorse, Yukon

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If there’s one thing you could say about the Yukon, it’s that it is pristine. And I suppose that’s really not surprising at all considering that less than 36,000 people live in the entire territory! Even more fascinating is that […]

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From the Yukon to Alaska

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At some point along the Yukon portion of the Alaska Highway, there’s a pullout from which you can see all the way to Alaska. This area has a special name but I, uh, forgot. Oh well.