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The Liberty Distillery

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This is The Liberty Distillery on Granville Island. My automatic attraction to symmetry continues. One of these days I’ll have to actually go inside for a tasting; to pretend I’m sophisticated and stuff.

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Chinese New Year Lantern Tree

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So the question was: can I take a good photo of this cool Chinese New Year tree that’s in a busy tourist location and in front of a busy, distracting background? The answer was a resounding “kind of”. I just had to wait for the right moment… But other people thought I was being too […]

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Black and White Window

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Black and white was the way to go on this one, the colours just weren’t very complementary. But it’s still a great window. Have I seen better windows? Impossible to say for sure.

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Winter Prairie Moonrise

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I was driving down the highway when I was suddenly surrounded by this amazing sky. I knew I wanted a picture but I knew by the time I got to a “good” area the moment would be gone. So I pulled off the road at the first opportunity. It was cold, extremely windy, and I […]

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Green Eyed Lady

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She’s a lot plumper than her brother, but that doesn’t mean she’s any more likely to sit still for a photo. But it’s kind of fun trying to snag that shallow depth of field shot during those split second pauses.

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At first glance, he may appear to be a cat. But he’s actually a monkey. A monkey who wonders why I’m pointing that big giant black thing at his face. He’s a good monkey.