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Tokyo Vending Machines

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Rachelle was forever making fun of me because of my obsession with the vending machines in Japan. They are EVERYWHERE! We didn’t see any of the rumoured machines with more questionable merchandise. But you will never go thirsty in Japan. No matter where you go, you are likely only steps away from a row of […]

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Yoyogi Park Staircase

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This is an entrance staircase on one side of Yoyogi Park in Tokyo. It descends into the park from the street above. It’s framed by twin murals on each side, and I thought it looked very cool. This was one of those times that I had to be very patient and very alert to get […]

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Rachelle in Yoyogi Park

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When you spend hours and hours walking around in the humid spring air of Tokyo, getting covered in a sticky layer of sweat, it’s tricky to convince your wife to stop and pose for portraits. Luckily, she looks a lot better than I did on this particular day, and I was able to grab a […]

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Under the Rail Bridge

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Tokyo is all about trains. On the ground, above the ground, and below the ground. It’s a massive city, but you can get anywhere you want in a very short time thanks to its tangle of rail lines. No matter where you are, there is likely a train track below your feet, or just up […]

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Sakura on the Lake

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Because our trip to Japan was delayed by almost two months from when we originally intended to visit, we only caught the tail end of the sakura season. Nevertheless, there were still a few trees to be found that were still in (almost) full bloom.

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Cleaning Outside Yodobashi Camera

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I am planning to do a full write up about my recent trip to Japan, along with more photos and video. But I took so many photos and I had a lot of more keepers that I thought, so it will take some time. So I’ll start here with what (I think) was the first […]