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Glorious Chain Cafe

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This is one of my favourite sightings in Tokyo. I just can’t figure out if the joke is intentional or not. But I love it. I really love it.

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Hatagaya Drycleaner

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Here’s another shot of Hatagaya, our home in Tokyo. am actually very conflicted about this image. One the one hand I love that I got the dry-cleaner himself in the shot. On the other hand, The chaos of it kind of makes my brain hurt; I just wish those banners weren’t there. But, on the […]

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Painting the Wall

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While shooting portraits and headshots with Malcolm and Cassandra, I spotted this conveniently located paint splatter and I couldn’t resist having a little fun.

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Malcolm’s Headshot

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Unlike his other half, Cassandra, Malcolm is pretty much 100% goof, and that’s why the first headshot below is my favourite. Still, if you’re persistent, you can coax a normal smile out of him… Or even get him to keep a straight face…

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Cassandra’s Headshot

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I’m taking a little break from posting pictures from Japan to share a few I took of some very cool people, Malcolm and Cassandra. They are an old married couple (going on two years now), so we took a few couple shots, and some headshots/portraits individually. Here’s my favourite headshot of Cassandra. And here’s a […]