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At first glance, he may appear to be a cat. But he’s actually a monkey. A monkey who wonders why I’m pointing that big giant black thing at his face. He’s a good monkey.

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Winter Wonder

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About once a decade things get really weird and we actually get snow here on the wet coast. That is, snow that sticks around for more than an hour before turning into a soggy, slushy mess. This year we’ve been especially fortunate. We’ve had almost a solid month of this bright, cheery, white winter in […]

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Santa Monica Pier

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This photo was taken on my second of two trips to California where it was cold and gloomy. Okay, that was expected in San Francisco, but it was more of a surprise in Santa Monica.

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Incinerator Rock

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This is Incinerator Rock in Tofino, BC and it’s a lot bigger than it looks. Determined to place the island dead centre in my frame, I walked down the beach. And I walked… and I walked… and I walked… Every once in a while I’d stop and get my camera out, thinking for sure I […]

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Clam Ring

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His buddy the oyster was like, “I got an ocean pearl”. And clam said, “oh yeah, well I got a diamond”.

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Tofino Afternoon

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Tofino is most definitely one of the most beautiful places in Canada. I wouldn’t say the sun shines most of the time, but the feeling is laid back. The beaches are beautiful, and even though palm trees don’t grow, I always think about making my way back.