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Rachelle and the Whiskey Jack

I find the Grey Jay to be an incredibly fascinating bird. Also known as the “Whiskey Jack” or Canada Jay these little guys are incredibly inquisitive. It doesn’t matter how far into the back country away from civilization you are, these birds will show up and beg for food.

And how could you resist them? I guess I have a soft spot for a wild animal that is willing to perch on your shoulder and eat out of your hand.

We encountered this one while back country camping at Manning Park.

Rachelle the Bird Charmer
Rachelle the Bird Charmer


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  • Dawn says:

    What a wonderful shot Jonathan ! very special .

    It’s feathers looked ruffled or almost like fur? is this one a baby or is this how they appear always ? I am an avid birder hence my question.

    • Jonathan says:

      Hi Dawn,

      I am not much of an expert, but I do know that this is not a baby, the babies have much darker feathers.

      My best guess is that these guys being mountain birds see their fair share of bad weather, so they look a little rough sometimes. Or possibly this one was an older bird. Not too sure!

      Thanks for stopping by,