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Sunset In Port Townsend

Were it not for the incredibly overzealous and rude customs agents employed at the U.S. border (am I on an NSA watch-list now?) I would without a doubt consider visiting Port Townsend more often. It’s a truly beautiful little town located on the coast of Washington State. You can either get there by Ferry or drive around the long way but either way you’re in for a treat.

Port Townsend Sunset 2
Port Townsend Sunset 2

While we were there we visited a great little wine shop, had some truly delicious Mexican food and then wandered around enjoying this beautiful sunset.

Port Townsend, Washington, USA.


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  • Dawn says:

    I love the layering of the blue Mountains in the distance, and the pink reflection on the water is stunning and completes the image for me, as does the ‘jetty on the right… imho … lol… I am not a very good photographic critic but I love it.. it is so pleasant to look at. Thank you for sharing Jonathan.