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The Last Train to Sandon

The (almost) ghost town of Sandon still has a few residents (crazy weird residents who like living in an extremely creepy horror movie style town, but still) so I guess you can’t truly call it abandoned, but it certainly appears that this train was.

I call it “The Last Train to Sandon”. I know it’s a corny reference but I can’t help it, I like to monkey around now and then.

Sandon, British Columbia, Canada.

Last Train to Sandon
Last Train to Sandon


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  • Dawn says:

    Yes!! very true there is the ceiling indeed , amongst all the lighting issues up there :) ! However, I feel it would do very little justice to your very nice image ;) as no one looks up at my ceilings, hence me “getting away” with cleaning the light fittings which is a plus :D.

    Seriously I think it is a worthy saleable image aimed at the right clientèle. Art is subjective as are antiques, as you probably know yourself ! Good Luck, I think it is a lovely image with a great subject !

  • Dawn says:

    This is a beautiful photo. I know my husband would love this one and I do too.!! He is a steam locomotive enthusiast. We have a few famous Victorian artists in our family ancestry and one of them painted steam trains often. So ! … very special for us. Thanks for sharing a special image Jonathan It looks like a work of art to me ! If it were not next to those beautiful trees which add to the whole scene, it would still be a great image !