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Winter Prairie Moonrise

I was driving down the highway when I was suddenly surrounded by this amazing sky. I knew I wanted a picture but I knew by the time I got to a “good” area the moment would be gone. So I pulled off the road at the first opportunity.

It was cold, extremely windy, and I wasn’t in a place where hang around and take my time… I wouldn’t give it any awards, but I’m not completely unhappy with it.

Winter Prairie Moonrise
Winter Prairie Moonrise


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  • Gloria says:

    Hello. Beautiful photo! I was Googling, looking for a photo reference for a watercolor idea I had. This one is too high in the sky, but I wanted to tell you how beautiful your photos are! I love this one! And I love early evening and early morning sky when it’s painted with Easter egg colors.

    Are you still maintaining this blog, taking photos?