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If You Resent Wealthy, Successful People You Will Never Be Wealthy And Successful

Bill Gates is such an asshole.

That’s not what I think, but a lot of people do. In fact the level of vitriol directed towards Bill Gates and Microsoft is really quite mind-boggling considering that the man has given away tens of millions of dollars of his own money to charities funding AIDS prevention, agriculture in third world countries, college scholarships, and other causes, mostly through his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which as an organization donates over 1.5 billion dollars a year to charitable causes. What’s more, the organization has a shelf life, it will close within 50 years after Bill and Melinda die, thereby ensuring it does not become a monster that eats up funds just to maintain its existence. As a result of all this, he was TIME magazine’s person of the year in 2005.

But despite the fact that Bill Gates has recently retired from Microsoft in order to devote more time to running the foundation and philanthropic work, people still think he’s an asshole. Or, more accurately, unsuccessful people with negative attitudes think he’s an asshole.

I use Windows. I like Windows. Windows does everything a Macintosh computer does, and it does it cheaper. Windows can be installed and will run on any PC, even one you build yourself. As a result dozens of companies build windows PC’s which has led to increased competition and cheaper prices. If Apple had won the war, there would only be one computer company and we would all be paying an arm and a leg for them. Actually more likely, Apple would have been the subject of anti-trust lawsuits instead of Microsoft, and would have been forced to license its OS to other computer makers in the same way that Microsoft did voluntarily.

Is Microsoft perfect? Hell no. But they are far less evil than a certain search engine with a candy coloured logo.

So all in all I respect Microsoft and respect Bill gates, and applaud his success and what he has done with it. I see him as a shining example of what one can create from nothing.

Others resent Bill Gates. They see him as greedy, and a “taker”. They resent that he’s rich, and they are not. They have such a biased attitude towards the man, they would wilfully ignore anything he had to say on principle. Well my friends, the cold hard truth is that you have to be a taker before you can be a giver, or else you will have nothing to give.

Sure you can donate a dollar a day to sponsor a child in Africa, which is an admirable thing to do, but would it’s be nice to be able to sponsor ten children, or a hundred? Or maybe even be able to stop working entirely and travel to Africa yourself and build some homes for them?

You can’t do that unless you have money first, and if you resent people who have money, you will NEVER be able to develop the correct mind-set for making it yourself. You can only attract what you believe in. If your belief is that successful, rich people are greedy and evil and selfish, and you feel that you are a good person, then how will you ever be able to become wealthy and still feel that you are a good person?

The next time you notice yourself have negative feelings towards someone who is more successful than you (and this can be anyone from Donald Trump to your next door neighbour), why not stop as ask yourself why? Is it because you have genuine evidence that they are a bad person, or is it just simple jealousy? If it’s the latter then you owe it to yourself to stop being jealous and instead ask yourself,”what can I learn from them?”


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  • Jonathan says:

    And Apple stole it from Xerox, what do you feel you have proven here?

    Wouldn’t the world be better if we were all communist, eh?

    (please note the sarcasm)

  • Elisabeth Yates says:

    Bill Gates basically stole the concept of GUI interface from Apple in the very early 80s, then integrated that technology into what became ‘Windows’. From there, as his company, Microsoft grew, he cornered the market, developing a near monopoly and crushing or buying upstart businesses who didn’t have the fiscal means to compete. The philanthropic works of Gates did not occur until way after he accumulated billions for himself and he made sure his foundation had his name on it for egotistical reasons.

    No extremely wealthy person creates such vast fortunes in a vacuum.. you have to step on, and take advantage of countless people to do it. You have to destroy all competition and prey upon weaknesses in individuals, other companies and the economy. And the most sinister aspect of people like these is that once they accrue vast sums of wealth- which they can not take with them once they die, rather than retire and enjoy the fruits of their labors, they instead continue trying to make more wealth. The sick cycle continues.. And to those who rationalize that these people are to be admired because they create jobs, let us not lose sight on reality- billionaires hiring people at the cheapest wages possible to help make them more money while not hesitating replacing that worker with a less expensive one at the first opportunity.

    If you wish to admire greed, selfishness and evil, that is your right- free country. But you are also wrong to think as you do.

  • T Edwards says:

    I agree with this post completely. I admire successful people and try to emulate them so that I can duplicate their success. People that resent the rich and powerful are simply jealous.

    First time visiting your blog. I like it.